Quill & Parchment Submission Guidelines

Quill & Parchment is on the lookout for new writers with not only a story, but with the voice to articulate that story. We are currently seeking submissions of poetry, book reviews, as well as shorter fiction and non-fiction. We regret that due to space limitations, not all submissions can be published. We may save some pieces for publication at a later time.

All submissions should be included in the body of
your email.


Please type in the email address below
(We use images of emails to avoid roaming spiders and spam bots)

We do not accept attachments. At the present time, plain text is the preferred format.

We request that our Featured Poets submit portfolios of ‘unpublished’ poems.
The reason for this policy adjustment is to ensure that submissions are original works created to fit the announced themes of Quill and Parchment, thus presenting an organic unity to our journal.

If you would kindly check out our poetry section and make sure your poem is in our preferred format it cuts down on our time in templating same.

Note from Webmaster:
Please keep formatting to the left side without indentations all over the place..
It takes a lot of time to hand code the page when there is a ton of indentations and tends to drive the editor and webmaster nuts with all the extra coding.
We would appreciate that.
We reserve the right to reformat poems that do not follow our guidelines.

If you are submitting for a specific issue, please do not wait until the 22 or 23rd of the month to send it in! Try to get it in before the 15th of the month. The earlier the better!

It goes without saying that submissions should be spell checked and edited for content prior to being sent. We may occasionally make small editorial changes, or ask the author do so. This should not be construed as cause for offense. Quill & Parchment prides itself on not being just another self-publishing web site. Actual human eyes, and frequently a committee, carefully evaluates all submissions. Once your poem has been accepted you may not withdraw it. It takes time for us to template the poems and frequently art work is created specifically with your poem in mind.

Simultaneous submissions or previously published poems submitted for publication in our Regular Poetry Section are acceptable.

Presently, we are unable to pay for submissions, but we are hopeful that will change as our subscriber base grows. Currently, your membership fees are applied toward our hosting and production costs. Our staff is unsalaried but dedicated.

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