Used Books for sale

First Edition Mystery Books

Benchley, Peter  - The Island $45.00
Blatty, William Peter - Legion  $25.00
Blunt, Giles - A Cold Eye  $25.00_SOLD
Bowick, Dorothy Muller - Tapestry of Death 1st US Edition $25.00
Charyn, Jerome - Paradise Man $30 cover slightly damaged  some pages loose
Colbert, James - All I have is Blue (1st Skinny Man) $25.00
Cook, Judith - The Slicing Edge of Death Who Killed Christopher Marlowe? 1st US $30.00
Coyle, Beverly  - The Kneeling Bus  $25.00
De Vries, Peter, - Consulting Adults or the Duchess Will Be Furious $25.00
De Vries, Peter - The Prick of Noon $30.00
Doerr, Harriet - Consider This, Senora 1st ed. 2nd book $48.00
Eberhart, Mignon  -Three Days for Emeralds $25.00
Farris, John - Nightfall UK Edition $30.00 US
Forsyth, Frederick  - Icon $25.00 US/$32.95 Canada
Gardner, Mary - Milkweed $25.00 (1994)
Horgan, Paul - Whitewater 1st 1970 Pulitzer author $35.00
Huynh, Jade Ngoc Quang South Wind Changing $20.00
Isaacs, Susan - Lily White $40.00
Johnson, Joyce -$25.00 US
Kagan, Elaine - The Girls $25.00
King, Laurie R. - A Darker Place $24.00US/$35.00 Can
Krich, Rochelle Majer - Speak No Evil $25.00 signed 2/13/ 96
Ludlum, Robert  - The Bourne Supremacy $30.00 US
Ludlum, Robert - The Icarus Agenda
MacLean, Alistair - Athabasca 1980 1st US  $25.00
Malone, Michael - Time's Witness $15.00 US/$20.00 Canada
Martin, David  - Bring Me Children $16.00/$20.00 Canada
Martin, Valerie - Mary Reilly $35.00
McCarry, Charles - Second Sight A Paul Christopher Novel $20.00
McClure, James - The Song Dog A Kramer and Zondi Mystery  $20.00
McDonald, Gregory  - Fletch Too $20.00
Michael, Judith  - A Tangled Web $20.00
Michaels, Barbara - Houses of Stone $25.00
Michaels, Barbara  - Stitches in Time $30.00
Morris, Jan - Conundrum 1st Uk Edition $25.00 US
Myers, Paul - Deadly Sonata $25.00 US
Offit, Avodah - Virtual Love $30.00
Patrick, Vincent - Family Business $25.00
Pearce, Gerald  - Orphans $25.00
Penner, Jonathan -  Going Blind  Debut Novel $35.00
Perry, Roland - Program for a Puppet 1st. US $25.00 inscribed to Al Happy Birthday! November 1984
Phillips, Jayne Anne - Shelter $25.00
Powers, Ron - The Beast, The Eunich and the Glass Eyed Child TV in the '80s  $15.00
Pritchett, V.S. - The Camberwell Beauty and Other Stories $35.00
Reed, Robert - The Hormone Jungle  $25.00
Rosenthal, C.P. - Elena of the Stars $25.00
Smith, Rosamond - Nemesis $35.00
Shagan, Steve - Vendetta $20.00
St. Aubin de Terån - The Long Way Home $35.00
Tannenbaum, Robert K. - Depraved Indifference $20.00
Tannenbaum, Robert K. - Justice Denied Adv. reading copy $25.00
Tannenbaum, Robert K. - Reckless Endangerment  Adv. reading copy $25.00
Thomas, Ross - Out on the Rim $20.00
Webster, Elizabeth - Escape into Light $20.00
Weiner, Steve The Museum of Love - true 1st 1st UK $35.00 US
West, Morris - The World is Made of Glass  $25.00

First Edition Biographies:

Hough, Richard - Mountbatten A Biography $12.00
Medvedev, Roy Khruschev - A Biography $20.00
Rivers, Joan  - Still Talking Entertainment Bio. 1st.  $20.00

Other books of interest:
Price, Reynolds  Three Stories the Foreseeable Future 1991 $21.95 US $28.95 Canada
Kijewski, Karen Honky Tonk Kat (Uncorrected Proof) $23.00/$40.00 Canada
Kijewski, Karen  Kat's Cradle  $40.00 US (2nd Signed)
Kijewski, Karen  Copy Kat (Crime Club signed) $30.00 US
Martin, Valerie - Mary Reilly 1st edition "withdrawn" from library.  slight damage to cover, pocket in.*

*To be sent from Washington all others sent from California.



Used Books

The Moonstone 
by Wilkie Collins

1868/ISBN 0-14-043.014 8/
7x 4 1/4"/528 pgs/Penguin English Library 1981/Ed. J.I.M. Stewart/worn
US $4.95


By the Pricking of My Thumbs 
by Agatha Christie

1968/ISBN 0-671-70609-8 6 3/4
x 44 1/8"/255 pgs/US$3.95First Pocket Book Printing October 1969/worn


Cat Among the Pigeons 
by Agatha Christie

1959/SBN 671-55364X
7 x 4 1/4"/210 pgs/$1.95/Pocketbook 1969/worn


Crooked House 
by Agatha Christie

1948/ ISBN 0-671-54321-0/
6 3/4 x 4 1/4"/223 pgs/US$3.50 new/ First Pocket Books printing, January
1951/after 1986/ worn  $2.95


The Remorseful Day  
by Colin Dexter

Crown Publishers/First Amer. Edition
1999/ISBN 0-609-60622-0
Hardbound, good condition
Final in Inspector Morse Series
9 1/2 x 6 1/4", 262 pages
$24.17 US

Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley and his associate, Detective Sergeant
Barbara Havers Series;.

Payment in Blood
By Elizabeth George  

1989/ISBN 0-553-28436-3
7 x 4 1/4"/413pgs/US$6.99 CAN$8.99/ Bantam reissue May 1993/ Fair bent corners

Perlman's Ordeal
By Brooks Hansen

1999/813'.54-dc21/ISBN 0-374-23078-1
9 3/8 x 6 1/4 /329pgs/US $24.00/Can. 38.00 Farrar, Straus,Giroux/1st


Long Time No See
By Brooks Hansen

1977/ISBN 0-446-60449-6
6 3/4 x 4 1/8 "/294pgs/US $5.99 Can.$6.99/ Warner Books September 1977/ Good

87th Precinct Mystery Series:
The Con Man/1957
by Ed Mc Bain  

ISBN 0-451-15085-6
7 x 4 1/4/160pgs/US$3.99CAN$4.99/Signet Books/ First Printing, April, 1974/


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